Classic Auto Insurance 

Classic Auto Insurance

What is Classic Auto Insurance?
Collecting classic automobiles can be a fun hobby. Not only does it provide an interesting topic for conversations, it is a good investment.

Whether you own a single classic auto or many, you must protect your investment with Classic Auto Insurance. This type of insurance is designed for classic autos because they are worth more than their original price.

Who Needs Classic Auto Insurance?
All classic automobiles must be insured by Classic Auto Insurance. Traditional auto insurance won’t provide the proper coverage for classic autos. You may be required to get Classic Auto Insurance if you own the following vehicles;

  • Exotic Cars
  • Antique Cars
  • Classic Trucks
  • Muscle Cars
  • Vintage Military Vehicles

How Does It Work?
Classic Auto Insurance covers limited use of classic vehicles. The cost of your coverage depends on the vehicle’s usage, travel, and mileage. If you use your classic automobile as your primary car, your vehicle may not qualify for Classic Auto Insurance.

Some Classic Auto Insurance policies have strict guidelines for policyholders and storage. To qualify, you are required to maintain a stellar driving record. Your classic auto must be stored in a locked garage or secure storage unit.

Types of Classic Auto Insurance
Classic Auto Insurance is unique because it covers the appreciation value for classic automobiles. Coverage may include:

  • Medical Reimbursements Injuries at Auto Shows
  • Travel Expenses
  • Spare Parts
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive

Benefits of Classic Auto Insurance

Classic Auto Insurance meets the needs of people who own collector vehicles. Since classic autos aren’t driven regularly, the insurance premiums tend to be lower. Another benefit is you can negotiate your classic auto policy’s terms and vehicle appreciation payout.

If you own classic autos, it’s essential that you have the proper insurance coverage to protect your vehicles. Contact any of our insurance agent to learn more about Classic Auto Insurance options.